History of Egyptian dance



How long does it take to learn dancing?

It depends on the group level, on your personal abilities and on your will.

Attendance is also very important (it is  recommended to attend classes not less than 2 times a week)  

  About 3 months (24 hours) to complete the beginner’s level;

 6 months-1 year to reach the middle level;

1 year-3 years to reach the advanced level (provided you attended classes regularly)

    Note! Sameh El Dessouki’ school provides very intensive classes on high level. So by the end of  the course you will master the dance, and learn to hold your audience.

How many people can be in the class at one time?

School facilities (big dance- halls, nice cloak-rooms with toilets and showers) enable not to restrict number of students at one time. Nevertheless teaching process is organized in the way that  every one feels personal attention.

How to join the group for beginners?

You can start any time. There is no division in levels.

      This stiffens the spirit of competition and makes teaching process more effective.

But  there are some days when technique is given more attention (suitable for beginners), and some days for choreography (best for advanced),

 e.g. Saturday & Tuesday – beginners;

        Sunday & Friday - beginners & middle level;

        Wednesday & Thursday – middle & advanced level.

So if you are a beginner  and  have come on Wednesday, it will be a bit challenging,

but  you will not feel lost. 

What kind of clothes is recommended for classes?

You can wear whatever you like (skirt, wide trousers, top, dancing shoes etc.) There is also a great choice of  original oriental costumes which you can buy in the school.

How can man teach belly- dance?

There is no such movement in oriental  belly-dance which could not be explained and demonstrated by a man. Besides that, this dance was created specially to impress men. So it is even better to learn it with male master.  

    By the way, such stars as Farida Fagmi, Aida Nur , Rackia Hassan and many other famous dancers were the learners of  the legendary Mahmud Reda (a man).   

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