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Pharaounic school was founded in 1997

By Master Oriental Dance  Folk choreographer

Sameh El Dessouki

Dear friends,

From organizing group of Pharaounic school!

How many things able to make any woman to stay beautiful, young and desirable for the longest possible time! Shaping, fitness, aerobics, is killing diets, dangerous drugs, doubtful food supplements and even plastic surgery. But recipe of women’s beauty and attraction together with good health was developed many ages ago. It’s known for a long time that the oriental dances possess strongest energetics.
Oriental dance (belly dance) is a body work tradition from the ancient times. For many centuries belly dance served as a method for rejuvenation and creative self-expression. Belly dance shows that woman at any age and health condition can be beautiful by her body on the assumption of right use of natural grace given to her from the day of her birth. It’s reflection of women’s nature and her relation to Universal Feminist. To perform belly dance your age, figure, experience in dancing are of no importance. The only important thing is your strong wish and love. Love to yourself, to dance, to your body, to the world around you. As no one another dance belly dance harmonizes your soul and body, makes any person freer, relaxed, self-confident and more attractive to others.
Today many elements of oriental dance became a part of different dance styles. And it’s not surprising. Besides the fact that belly dance strengthens your health, it’s very attractive and aesthetically beautiful. Not in vain that nowadays a lot of women so enthusiastic of it. Dance shows with some elements of oriental dance may be seen on stage, in night clubs and discos. It’s possible to claim today that belly dance is quite developed modern dance style allowing to know yourselves, became more confident in physical and emotional spheres. And it’s not by accident that many specialists consider that soon belly dance will gain the whole world. In Europe at the most fashionable dancing floors you can hear Arabic music and more and more people dance using some oriental elements amazing by their grace and beauty.
Unfortunately in Russia belly dance is known in quite limited,
applied and substitute form. To learn about is possible from women’s magazines, presenting this great “dance of life” as one of fitness kinds responsible for women’s health. And to see belly dance is possible mostly as restaurant “show”. From this comes a simplified approach of Russian schools of belly dance. Ancient culture of belly dance much more comprehensive and beneficial! We make everything to bring for you an enormous universe of Arabic culture, incredibly reach by invaluable knowledge giving to you great joy of dance, unique feminity, exclusive skills of body’s possession and great power for communication with opposite gender.
Pharaounic school – is not only dance school teaching right body movements, “precisely complying with oriental dance”. We achieve a real understanding of great culture of Arabic dance. Pharaounic school is, first of all, a school of feminity, individuality, beauty and plastics. And the most important thing – it’s a school of great and ancient culture of Egyptian dance. Also our task is training of dancers able to present belly dance correctly and make the audience understanding that it’s an art, not an erotic dance.
The carefully considered program and wide teaching experience allow every student coming to school for a short time on example of easy and simple moves could understand the way her body acting, to feel her own natural grace and to take out excessive muscular and emotional tense. A wide spectrum of Egyptian dance styles and trends allow to choose exactly the technique the most close and understandable to anyone or to try yourselves in different and sometimes opposite styles.
Lessons are held in cozy dance hall in the center of Moscow (in Sport complex “Olympijskij”).
Professional choreographer, friendly atmosphere prevails on the lessons, beautiful music will make the time of your study in Pharaounic school unforgettable.

We have a male choreographer!

It is very important that the lessons are held under the guidance of Arabic culture bearer, Egyptian, master-choreographer Sameh el Dessouki, for more than 20 years performing and touring all over the world and appears to be the leader of undoubtedly the best in Russia Egyptian school of Belly Dance!!
That is why Sameh el Dessouki as nobody else in Russia, knows and understands the real meaning, breath and beauty of oriental dance. And only Pharaounic school would help you to learn genuine, live oriental dance in all it’s varieties and moreover – to realize yourselves as a professional dancer!
Ah! Remember that we teach not just moves…. We teach to live in dance, to perfectly feel your body in this changing world and the most important – to cooperate! With music, with audience and finally with the one you want to impress!

Annual master classes of the leading Egyptian belly dance choreographers!!!

There is a problem in Moscow for already quite a long time for those who already achieved the high level, learned from Russian colleagues but don’t know how to compare own skill with genuine standards. That is why we not only offer to you all experience of Sameh el Dessouki but also organize the tours of world famous Egyptian choreographers of belly dance!

In our scholl we already had a pleasure of presenting master classes of well-known stars of belly dance as Aida Nour, Medhat Fahmy and dancer-choreographer Ahmed Refaat (Balloon Theater, Cairo).


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